Saturday, 22 August 2015

Asha Kiran - A Ray of Hope

                             Contribute Rs 2,100 and send a Child back to  school

What is Asha Kiran?

'Asha Kiran... a ray of hope' campaign is a Rotary initiative to send all out-of-school children in the age group of 6 to 14 years, including children with special needs and children at risk, back to school by facilitating their access to mainstream state-funded primary/elementary schools, thereby enabling them to complete their studies.

We have made it our mission as well. The target is to send at least
35,000 children back-to-school... let's do it!

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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Do it with a Smile

Our organisation gives us hundreds of reasons to rejoice. We rejoice in the friendship of strangers who become our friends for life! We rejoice extending a helping hand to people who need it the most! We rejoice in our efforts to make this world a better place for our future generations! We rejoice when we are able to keep our surroundings clean! We rejoice when we know we are building tomorrow by sending our children to school!

We believe in "Happier Futures, Better Lives!"- our International key project for children across the world.
The point is how do we adopt this project in India?
By addressing the core need of society and the community LITERACY & EDUCATION
When we educate a person several anomalies get sorted out on their own. The issues of drug addiction, ill treatment of women, neglect of seniors, loss of values in children, wayward youth, improper sanitation and more - can all be taken care of, if every child and adult is educated.
We are adopting the International project under "SMILE" - the acronym under which we shall target our programmes & projects this year.
First of all, let us serve with joy in our heart and smile on our lips. Even while furthering the cause of friendship, we shall have happiness in our heart.
S is for Sanitation: Each Club, One Toilet
Construct toilets in your village, town or city. Do it by yourselves or by joining hands with other organisations.
M is for Member: Each Club, One Member
Membership development and member retention is a must. Membership strength should be increased. Opt for smarter and better programmes.
I is for Image Building of our organisation: Each Club, One IB Programme/Project
Plan and implement at least one programme aimed at publicising the work done by your club. Let the world know about your programmes and projects.
L is for Literacy: One Member, One Girl Child
Let each member take up the mantle to help one girl child to become literate. Send one child to school. If she is a dropout, ensure she goes back to school. Take up other verticals of the TEACH PROGRAM of Rotary India Literacy Mission.
E is for Evaluation: Each Club, Evaluate its efforts
Evaluate your efforts and the results before and after the project/programme is implemented.
Let us also engage in self-evaluation. Each of us should judge oneself for one's role in this organisation. An introspection within ourselves, leading us to realise the value of Inner Wheel in our lives. Why we are in Inner Wheel? This question shall motivate each one of us to be more productive than ever before and take our role a bit more seriously. Let us achieve to the best of our potential.
I am confident that you will adopt these projects and further our organisation and its goals. Let us give back more to our society than what we get from it. Let each one of us be UNIQUE in our own way, come together and reach our goal.UNITED we always achieve more and are better rewarded.

Mamta Agarwal Association President Message

ONE is always responsible for how ONE acts, no matter how one feels!!
It is a moment of great pride for me to lead our Association of 1147 Inner Wheel Clubs and 34695 members. As the 40th President of this wonderful organisation, I shall carry the legacy of my predecessors with humility and do my best to take our Association a notch higher. I am thankful to Inner Wheel for giving me this UNIQUE opportunity to know and befriend like-minded women, who are UNITED through a common cause of Friendship & Service.
UNIQUE & UNITED, the IIW theme of this year suggests nothing but the universal fact. The very fact, that each one of us is born with our own set of “karmas”. We have our own peculiarities and special attributes and the same cannot be found in anyone else. We are different due to our place of birth, education, upbringing, surroundings, race, culture and nationality. That we are different – it is natural and most welcome! Imagine, if all the trees in a garden were similar how it would look? Or if there were no differentiation in colours how would we enjoy the rainbow? This difference is the charm of universe. Let us keep this difference intact and use it to our advantage. Let us complement another person with our uniqueness and together become a force to reckon with. We have stepped into the last decade of the centenary this year and it is a major milestone for our organisation. As we observe this huge milestone in a befitting way, we need to take steps which shall reinforce the image of Inner Wheel and build it further. The planning for this has to begin today, the promises are to be made today, a step forward in the right direction needs to be taken today, UNITEDLY and purposefully to make a mark in the future.
We have been serving the society and the less privileged year after year across our country under various heads. But now a new approach is required to make a greater impact through our services. We have everything going for us. We have our objectives in place, our long-standing experience of service and a vast number of members at our disposal. The only thing that we need is the consolidation of our efforts and working in unison and in ONE direction.
I am sure each one of you will appreciate my views and participate in programmes which are the need of our country. Our needs are many but the most pressing ones, I think, are Sanitation and Literacy. Literacy, if taken care of can cure many diseases of our society. A passion filled and missionary approach is required to reach our destination of LITERATE India. We have joined hands with Rotary India Literacy Mission to send an equivalent number of girl children back to school as the number of members that there are in our Association.
A big challenge indeed but it is achievable!!
In the field of Sanitation, our country is severely lagging. Many clubs are already constructing toilets in and around villages, talukas and cities. This year, I urge each club to construct at least one toilet either solely or in association with other organisations. Let us take that first step in addressing this problem.
My dear friends,
“Keep up the good work, work with enthusiasm, spread happiness, realise your potential, understand the reason of your membership of this wonderful organisation and make a difference!”
Once we are in it, we will better perform to our potential!
With love,
Yours in friendship
Mamta Agarwal President.